Jack has enjoyed multiple careers, each challenging and fulfilling. He moved to Austin to study mathematics and computer science at the University of Texas and received a B.A. in Math with honors. He has worked for several large technology companies (Texas Instruments, Intel, Tandem) and also for smaller, start-up companies. He loves the challenge of starting new things.

Jack is a follower of Christ and has been actively involved in leadership in his community of faith for most of his adult life. He pastored a medium-sized congregation for almost a decade.

He has been friends with George Duff for many years and joined George at Grace Capital Management as an investment advisor and technologist. Jack’s care for people, his business skills, and leadership uniquely qualify him to work with others to set and meet financial goals.

Jack and his wife, Debbie, were married in 1978 and have a son, Jeffrey. Jack enjoys sports of all kinds, music, reading, learning and occasionally joining his brother in cooking large quantities of food for people. Debbie is a musician, director of worship at their church and is a singer/songwriter.

Contact Jack at (512) 485-1800 or email [email protected]

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