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Welcome to Grace

A new approach to personalized investment management

We believe we have a personal responsibility to give our clients the unbiased insights they need to invest with confidence. We understand that now more than ever, investors are looking for real solutions to their investment management needs. We are an independent advisory firm offering a personal alternative to large investment banks, brokerage firms and insurance companies.

Over time, we collaborate with our clients to develop and implement dynamic strategies that cultivate wealth and financial well-being. Our independence frees us to navigate the complex financial landscape and tailor solutions to your needs today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Life is a journey with too many challenges to face alone

With GCM, you have a meticulous specialist guiding you along the way. This allows you to focus on life’s other important things, like your family, career, leisure time and even a good night’s sleep.

Our clients say we treat them like family…
and we like the sound of that.

Our core values

These are the principles that guide us


This is the most important aspect of our business; from our employees, to our vendors and fund managers, and above all, our clients.


We have the resolve to pursue excellence, holding steady when the tides change, while maintaining the ability to change course when necessary.


We are lifetime learners, disciplined, willing and able to learn in the best interest of our clients.

Best Practices

We continually strive for excellence in ourselves, our advice, and our service to clients.

Our independence benefits our clients

Grace is the difference

No Proprietary Investments

There are no exclusive relationships with investment banks, brokerages, mutual fund companies, insurance companies, or any other investment firms. We offer a truly unbiased consultative approach.


GCM is not obligated to endorse specific investment research or financial products. Instead, our customized solutions are derived from independent sources and third-party analysis with a focus on quality and accuracy. Our advice is driven solely by client needs and circumstances.

Control Over Fees and Expenses

Without layers of middle management and redundant staff to support, we are able to provide consulting services at competitive prices.

Tailored Approach

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to financial management. GCM conducts original research and expertly applies it to our clients’ unique needs. You can rest assured that any advice given is based on your personal situation.

Customized Solutions

We filter comprehensive economic and financial market data and employ quantitative and qualitative analysis. This, combined with practical knowledge and common sense, enables us to create highly customized financial solutions for you.

Risk Management

Risk management guides our entire investment process. By combining leading risk technologies with integrated global strategies, we can focus on delivering superior portfolio performance.

Consistent and Repeatable Investment Processes

Rather than chasing short-term gains, we work hard to meet and exceed real, agreed-upon, long-term benchmarks. This requires discipline, a time-tested approach to business, and ongoing analysis. There is wisdom in knowing what is consistent and repeatable.

Service, Communication and Collaboration

Success is more than just the bottom line; it’s about the confidence we instill in our clients. Of utmost importance is our commitment to exemplary service, open communication, and collaborative relationships. It is how we ensure our clients’ satisfaction and long-term success.

Our Associates

George Duff

George Duff

George began his consulting career in 1996, developing a diverse client base ranging from professional athletes to business owners. Prior to co-founding Duff & Boynton, where assets doubled during his tenure, George successfully rose to Vice President of Investments at A.G. Edwards & Sons. Before becoming a financial advisor…

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Jack Dorman

Jack has enjoyed multiple careers, each challenging and fulfilling, from large technology companies (Texas Instruments, Intel, Tandem) to smaller start-up companies. He has been friends with George Duff for many years and recently joined George at Grace Capital Management as an investment advisor and technologist. Jack’s care for…

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Ben Meadows

Ben Meadows graduated from Texas A&M University where he co-founded chapters of a men’s fraternity, Keeping Under Christ, and a student organization, I Am Second. Under his leadership as president, they became the two most successful chapters in the nation. Before starting his career in business, Ben traveled extensively to collect data for various wildlife conservation initiatives…

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Dave Fischer, CFP®

Dave Fischer began his professional career as an IT Developer at Hewlett-Packard where he developed the aptitude for Project Management and Finance within Supply Chain Management. His appreciation for financial analysis led him to become a Financial Planner with 49 Financial as part of AXA Advisors. In his time with 49 Financial, Dave found a passion…

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Kynda Olson

Kynda, a native Texan, has worked in financial planning for over a decade. She has served Grace Capital Management since 2009. Kynda is happily married to Chris, a local high school teacher and football coach. Together, they have a son. While attending the University of North Texas, Kynda started her own…

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